“Bold flavors”, two words to describe a style of cooking that belongs to Eric Gaulin, a self taught wiz in the kitchen. His mother was an incredible cook and as with most great chefs, Eric was inspired to start his own creations through her. He has a vast love of food from all traditional categories, which is reflected in his own original dishes.Ericgaulincooking

Always motivated in the kitchen, Eric helped to launch a cooking club at Elon University while in attendance. He later would become the lead, event coordinator, a high honor that he held dearly. Early in his cooking career, Eric started his own catering company based out Greenwich Connecticut where excellence was demanded.

Being able to cook well requires exposure to new types of food. Travelling to different parts of the world as a youth allowed Eric to be exposed to many different tastes and native cuisines. This exposure has led him to fuse a number of food styles into his own, personal dishes. His favorite types of foods to combine are Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Both types of food work with bold, strong flavors that grasp attention while being able to hold depth of tastes.

Eric has always had an open mind to new food, with a “try anything once” mentality. For a chef or cooking enthusiast, this is an imperative. Picky eaters are not usually well enough exposed to all the incredible flavors that exist in the world. With that in mind, finding new flavors and dishes to replicate is something that Eric Gaulin is quite fond of.

Every cook has his signature dish, one that he can make blindfolded while wowing who ever eats it. For Eric, this dish is his delicious Porterhouse Steak with Sage and Bleu Cheese Butter.